Cycling in the Kent

Question: What’s on your ” The craziest things you have ever done ” list?

Answer: I haven’t cycled in 20 years, but then I cycled 50km, nearly 7 hours in just one day. 😁

On a beautiful summer day here in England, my friends made a plan to hire the Bikes ( Cycles) for the whole day and explore some the beautiful countryside of Kent, England. After a Heavy breakfast ( Desi Nashta) first thing in the morning ( not a great idea though 😂 ), we drove an hour to Kent where we supposed to pick our bikes. Around 9 am we were on our bikes heading to Isle of Skeppe. I was flat, on the ground after the first hour, as you can see in one of the pictures but then I was back on the cycle and kept on going with few short breaks here and there exploring the beautiful countryside of Kent, England.

The start was disastrous, as after biking for an hour, we end up on the place where we started 😀
( jithon di khoti, uthay hi aan khaloti – Punjabi Proverb ) . We went back to the drawing board and this time marked a route on the Google maps before heading to the next destination. Navigating through the beautiful countryside, up and down the hills, the next couple of hours went smoothly. The part I enjoyed the most was when you are going downhill with the good speed while cool breeze kissing your face. I felt out of the world! But it didn’t last for long as my quadriceps starting screaming ( probably abusing me ) when I find myself cycling on a significantly steep incline. That was hard, very hard.

Me , After the first hour of the cycling

The last time I cycled, was probably in School, more than two decades ago. Who would have thought that I end up cycling 50 km yesterday with no prior practice, something I am really proud of myself now—a real endurance test of fitness, which did not go that bad. However, I missed Lahore, not because of I cycled there last time, but also because I badly need a Malsihya ( Massager) now after 7 hours of cycling.

What’s the craziest adventure you have done?

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