Things to do with Kids in Amsterdam

Who says Amsterdam is not a family friendly?

Well, I travelled with my family and found Amsterdam very family friendly place with a lot to do.

Its known as city of the Canals, so by just walking around the city or talking canal cruise itself is a great idea.

Amsterdam- The city of Canals

There are many museums in the city which kids would love to go. There are Couple of big parks and a Artis (zoo) too. But for us Nemo science museum was the one we loved visiting the most. You can easily spend the entire day there which we did until staffed said to us ” bus ker do ab han nay gher jana hay” ( we are closed now and we need to go home too 🙂 )

Nemo Science Museum

There are multiple floors with activities for kids of all age groups and parents were enjoying as much as their kids. I had a great time with Inayah and we did so many activities together.

Not to forget, Nemo science museum’s top floor has a great cafe and offers such an amazing panoramic view of the city of Amsterdam.

View of the city from Museums top floor

Some other activities you an do with kids are:

  • There are chocolate and biscuit making factories where kids can do one hour session to make your own chocolates and biscuits.
  • Vondelpark ( big central park)
  • Canal cruise
  • Rent a bike (special carriage for kids at front)
  • Artis ( zoo)
  • Tram Journeys
  • Art museums of famous Dutch painters
  • Green and well decorated cafes are all around and very attractive for kids.
  • Zanse schans, the windmill village and museum. Museums has biscuit factory too for kids
Zanse Schans is 15 min drive from Amsterda and great place to spend a day with kids

Happy family time in Amsterdam!

What activities you would like to do with kids on Holidays?

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